Pierre, Owner and CBM (Chief Bike Mechanic)

With a background in Building Construction and a knack for handywork, bike repair is second nature to Pierre. In 2013, Pierre and his family moved to Fort Collins. After working in Denver for several years Pierre wanted to be closer to home, so he took a job at a local bike shop and learned the trade of bike repair. After talking to customers and friends, Pierre realized an issue people faced in maintaining their bikes was just getting them to the bike shop. Seeing an opportunity, he decided to eliminate the problem by bringing the shop to the customer.

In his spare time, Pierre enjoys playing hockey, biking, skiing, and spending time with his wife, 2 kids and dog.

Pierre holds Shimano T.E.C. Certifications in Mountain Bike Brake Installation, Road Bike Brake Service, and Road Bike Drivetrain Mechanical Installation.

Mel, Web Guru and Design Manager

With over a decade of experience working with WordPress, Mel brings her expertise to the table to help manage the website, social media and provide design for Pedal Services. When not at the computer, Mel is running, skiing, riding, hiking or pretty much spending as much time outside as possible.

Brady, Project Management Pup

While she’s not quite a pup anymore, that means Brady has quite the experience making sure all projects are done properly. She examines what is being loaded into the car anytime it is about the leave the driveway, always hoping she gets to tag along. Much sniffing will always be done prior to departure to the job site, as well as upon return to be sure the project was completed properly.

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